Pioneers in manufacturing of Poly-Tetra-Fluoro-Ethylene [P.T.F.E.] (commonly known as Teflon®) since 1995
Owing to the ever-increasing market demands, the company has grown in size, volume and product range over the past 2 decades. Over these years the company has developed a huge product range and a knack of manufacturing the most intricate job profiles within the scope of company resources with almost nil rejections using the state of art CNC machines. Along with fabrication & workmanship the company offers its after sale services to the esteemed business clients in India & abroad. We believe in treating our clients as business partners. Keeping this moto in mind, along with attractive prices, we are one of the largest PTFE supplier in the west coast of India.
En-visions to be one of the largest processors of PTFE components and cater to their customers globally with a variety of new products by means of innovation and excellence in technology.
Believes in delivering the right product at the right price with adequate planning to cater to the huge customer base within the given lead-time.
To be the best in terms of Quality, Service, Delivery & Lead-time along with the price to make sure the customer stays satisfied. The company believes in creating relationships with the customers for a long-term business partnership.

Research & Development

To ensure that the quality of the products is always on an uptrend, the company focuses a lot on its R & D. With the help of new requirements from our clients, the company is always determined to bring in something better for the customers and bring in something new in terms of technicality and quality. By the help of latest technologies and adopting the highest quality instruments for quality checks, the company can deliver products with highest accuracy and repeatability.

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Since 20 years - successfully servicing clients