Ball Valve Seat Ring
These kinds of PTFE/ Re-in forced PTFE/ PEEK, etc. seat rings are considered to be the heart of a ball valve. It is due to these rings that a ball valve can function properly. These thermoplastic soft seals are used for their outstanding chemical properties and the ability to operate in a variety of pressure and temperatures.
Stem Ring & Thrust Seal Ring
These kind of body seal and thrust washers are used in the ball valve industry. Thrust washers are generally used in between the handle of the valve and the casing whereas the body seal is typically fitted between the casing and the outer portion to seal the valve. Besides Manek Fluro manufactures PTFE and filled grades of PTFE rings in the range of millions to cater to the different types of industries.
PTFE Diaphragms (For Metering & Dozing Pumps)
These type of diaphragms are mainly used in the pump industry to regulate the flow and pressure of the liquid flowing through it. PTFE is used specifically due to its inert and non corrosive nature resulting in efficient use of the pump.
PTFE Balls
PTFE Balls have found its application mainly in the pump industry and is even used as a replacement for ball bearing metals cannot be used due to its inert and self lubricating characteristics. Many times, in certain applications of ball valve, due to the corrosive nature of some fluids that would be passing through the valve, the ball is also made of PTFE instead of steel.
Piston Rings, Wear Rings & Guide Rings
Carbon Filled PTFE and Bronze filled PTFE rings, either straight or angular cut are used in the compressor industry. Manek Fluro Polymers possess a knack to manufacture almost any kind of product upon the receipt of the drawing or a sample from the customer.
Spray Nozzles
Manek Fluro manufactures a variety of nozzles ranging from the ones used in agricultural sector for spraying pesticides to the electrical industry where PTFE nozzles are used in transformer circuits. Typically agriculture industry makes use of ceramic filled PTFE thereby replacing virgin ceramic, which is commonly found in the nozzles.
PTFE strips are being manufactured by Manek Fluro in large numbers. These strips are used in the automobile industry (mainly 2 and 3 wheeler) in braking mechanism. Further, long strips are used in the pharmaceutical industry as connector seals between 2 metal components.
"O" Rings & "V" Rings
O Rings PTFE O rings has its use in a variety of fields. O rings are mainly used as backup rings in pharmaceutical industry as well as in the aerospace industry. Many instrumentation industries also use O rings in their variety of products where rubber O rings cannot be used. V Rings V Rings are generally used in places where pressure is involved. Due to the typical V shape, it has an ability to absorb pressure loads and act as a buffer in pressure absorbing applications. Many a times, these V rings are stacked one above the other( also known as a chevron packing set) for increased pressure absorbing applications.
PTFE Bellows
PTFE bellows are mainly used in glass-line reactors. Due to its inert nature, line bellows and valve bellows are used as a medium to transfer liquids from one glass equipment to the other as well as a medium to minimize vibration transfer in the equipment. Besides, pharmaceutical and glass line applications, PTFE Bellows have found its way in the chemical industry also as a transmission medium between two equipments.
Stock Rods, Bushes & Sheets
Besides catering to the tailor made requirements of each and every customer, Manek Fluro even caters to their requirements of stock rods, bushes or sheets. The size of rods and bushes currently available varies from as low as 6mm and goes up to 1 meter. For sheets, the company caters to both, requirements of moulded sheets up to 1meter x 1 meter as well as skived sheets up to 1.5 meter in width.

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