Not affected by weather
Outstanding chemical resistance
Low co-efficient of friction
(Self lubricating qualitites)
Negligible water absorption
High continuous working temperature
Heat resistant properties
Non-stick characteristics

PTFE Fillers

With the help of addition of fillers stated below the properties of the material can be enhanced:

Carbon Filler

- Good thermal conductivity
- Dynamic applications of high speed

Glass Filler

- Resistance to wear, improved under load & permanent deformation
- Bearings with high resistance to wear, valve seats

Graphite Filler

- Good resistance to wear & improved thermal conductivity
- Creeping bearings at high speed contact with medium hardnes

Bronze Filler

- High resistance to compression, high thermal conductivity
- Support slides for heavy loads.

Modified PTFE

- Used mainly for ball valve seats application
- Excellent torque and pressure characteristics as compared to 100% virgin PTFE.

Other Thermoplastics

PEEK Components

Poly Ether Ether Ketone (PEEK), a high performance polymer is used mainly in high-pressure applications where PTFE gives its way. Besides, it can also be used continuously at a minimum temperature of 170°C without losing its physical and mechanical properties. It can also be used in mediums like steam as the moisture absorption characteristics are of PEEK is very low. Re-inforced PEEK including fillers like carbon and glass offers wear and abrasion resistance.

Further, this high performance polymer is mainly used as a replacement to metals in industries like aerospace and oil fields. Food industry is also using PEEK as it is FDA compliant. Besides, Pharmaceutical industry, Valve Industry, Pumps, Electrical industry and Medical industry also use PEEK in high volumes due to its sterile and inert nature, chemical resistant characteristics and non conductor of electricity.


Devlon® is one of the thermoplastics which has a large bandwidth of operating temperature alongwith high pressure withstanding characteristics. It can take higher tensile loads as compared to PTFE but lower than PEEK. This product was developed for the valve industry so as to improve dimensional stability at high pressure, which PTFE couldn’t withstand as well as lower frictional losses as compared to PEEK. Besides, it is tough, wear resistant and the impact strength is higher than 100% Virgin PTFE. Note: PEEK is a trademark of Victrex plc

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