Valve Industry

Heart of a Ball Valve
Soft seals of a ball valve manufactured of from PTFE/ Re-inforced PTFE/ Modified PTFE/ PEEK are considered to be the heart of a ball valve. The seals are typically assembled above and below the steel ball to ensure smooth rolling of the ball in the valve. These fluoropolymers are mainly used in-order to withstand a variety of temperatures as well as pressures and in cryogenic applications.


Regulate the flow of material
PTFE has found its application in the pump industry as well. Due to its properties and self lubricating characteristics, PTFE rings and balls are mainly used in reciprocating pumps and dispensing pump units. Furthermore, PTFE has found its place in dosing pumps also. PTFE diaphragms are used on a large scale in these dosing pumps.

Aerospace Industry

For Higher Strength and Reduced Weight requirements
Major applications in aerospace industry include places where weight saving is important. The use of polymers like PTFE or PEEK is to substitute expensive and heavy metals and give the same strength to withstand loads. Besides, polymers like these are inert to chemical reactions making them ideal for use. PTFE seals are used mainly as backup rings, landing gear seals actuator seal in the wing flaps and even cryogenic applications.

Compressor Spares

As a protector medium for piston and block
PTFE has found its place in the compressor industry as well. Carbon Filled PTFE/ Bronze filled PTFE piston and guide rings are used in compressors. These rings may possess a straight or an angular cut according to its application.

Medicinal Use

For Chemically inert requirements
Manek Fluro supplies to a lot of laboratory equipment manufacturers. PTFE is used as it is inert to almost all the chemicals as well as light in weight. PTFE beakers are used in laboratories. Medical components that includes syringes, instruments and implants. Besides, in glass line reactors, line bellows and valve bellows are used extensively.

Automobile Industry

Replacing metals with high performance plastics
Manek Fluro has a knack for manufacturing intricate job profiles to the minimal tolerance limits and hence precise components used in hydraulic braking systems of automotive vehicles can be supplied. These braking components are mainly strips and rings that are resistant to wear. PTFE strips are widely used in the guide chain mechanism of 2 wheelers. Glass Filled PTFE strips are used as rings in mechanical steering of automobiles.

Agrochemical Applications

For highly corrosive mediums
Due to the inert nature of PTFE to mostly all the chemical and solvents, a lot of spray nozzles used in the machines for agricultural use are made of virgin PTFE or even ceramic filled PTFE. This is used as a replacement when metals tend to wear out due to the continued use of different chemicals in the spray gun. PTFE has been proved to be a good replacement in these applications.

Pharmaceutical Industry

Protecting Components with Backup Rings
PTFE strips are used in pharmaceutical machinery as connector seals used in between 2 metal components. PTFE is used for the sole reason being incase of any extra friction or load between 2 metals, the property of PTFE being self lubricating and soft causes itself to wear and thereby protecting the metal surfaces and the entire unit.

Oil & Gas Refineries

Loading and unloading in differential temperature mediums
Skidway Plates: Offshore refineries use PTFE skidway plates consisting of two parallel plates mounted one above the other. The lower plate is smaller than the plate above to ensure uniform distribution of load on the lower plate.

Side Bearings: Slide bearings of different sizes are manufactured at Manek Fluro according to the design and requirements of the customer. A basic slide bearing consists of a back up steel plate mounted below a PTFE plate, which is bonded with the steel plate when it is assembled.

Electrical Industry

As an insulator in semiconductor industry
As PTFE is able to withstand high voltage and being inert to any reaction, it is used widely in transformers. PTFE nozzles, body connector seals and PTFE tape is mainly used in these transformers.

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